Randers Flyveklub FLAG jan 20144Randers Flying Club is one of the largest and most active flying clubs in Denmark. There are many aviation-related events throughout the year which include club trips and excursions, open days, landing competitions, rallys, fly-ins, lectures, seminars, parties and other social occasions.

Navigation Exercises

Organized navigation exercises in Denmark encompass the sport of Air Rally Flying which is a special kind of navigation competition. The goal is to improve the basic flying skills and safety.

It is also called precision flying and can best be compared to a kind of orienteering run in the air.NavigationSQ

The aim of the competition is to find your way without the use of navigation instruments other than a clock, map and compass. You will receive a route description, and plot the route on a map, marking the course with one minute intervals. You will also receive photos from along the route prior to departure, and are required during the flight to identify where on the map they were taken.

You are flying against the clock according to the schedule you have calculated. On returning to the airfield the flight data recorder taken on the journey will reveal how accurately the route was followed. Your team will comprise a navigator and passengers are allowed.

Upon your return to the airfield the landing will be judged.

In this age of GPS navigation participation will enhance your flying experience, and refresh basic flight planning skills. The experience will also train your ability to observe even the minutest details in the landscape below.

These skills will always be extremely useful should your GPS or moving map fail.

Everyone is can participate, and it is a lot of fun!

Randers Flying Club

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