Randers Flyveklub FLAG jan 20144Randers Flying Club is one of the largest and most active flying clubs in Denmark. There are many aviation-related events throughout the year which include club trips and excursions, open days, landing competitions, rallys, fly-ins, lectures, seminars, parties and other social occasions.

Landing Competitions

A landing competition is all about landing the aircraft as accurately as possible. A target area and line are marked out on the runway, and competitors receive penalty points depending on how far from the target line they touch down firmly with the main wheels. Landing before the target line gives more penalty points than after.

One of each of the following landings is judged: 

  1. With engine power and flaps
  2. Without engine power, but with flaps
  3. Without both engine power and flaps
  4. With engine power and flaps over an obstacle

When the pilot learns to judge the glideslope correctly, it is possible to land the plane exactly where it is desired.  This ability is useful when landing on short runways, or in an emergency. Therefore landing exercises are an important part of maintaining basic piloting skills. At the same time, it’s a lot of fun and a valuable social event for our members.

Randers Flying Club organizes landing competitions to promote safety and enhance our club community.

Come and join us!

Randers Flying Club

Højsletvej 21

DK-8930 Randers NØ 

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