Welcome to Randers Flying Club


We pride ourselves on being one of Denmark’s largest and most active Flying Clubs. We exist to promote and encourage interest in recreational flying and aviation in general.

Our club is open to all aviation enthusiasts, private pilots and others fascinated in the wonder and joy of flight. We are located at Randers Airfield only 4.8 km north of the city of Randers and easily accessed by road. The Airfield is owned and operated by the Municipality of Randers. On the first Saturday of the month, from April to October, the club is open to the public from 10.00 to 14.00

The club as we know it today was formed on May 17th, 1965 and has grown steadily ever since.  In 1988, the grass runway was replaced by a paved runway, taxiways and parking area to the benefit of all our visitors and the aviation community in particular. Everyone is welcome!

The clubhouse includes a briefing area, meeting and office space, and kitchen facilities. The club owns several hangars which can house up to 16 aircraft. All our space is occupied at present, but once becoming a member you can join the waiting list. There are also nine privately owned hangars on site.

The airfield is used by both commercial and general aviation traffic. The asphalt runway, 900 meters long and 23 meters wide, is equipped with runway lighting so that it can be used outside daylight hours.

A wide variety of activities take place either on weekday evenings or at the weekend for our approx. 180 members. These can include:

  • Flying trips to destinations both at home and abroad
  • Lectures and seminars by invited guests with special significance for recreational flying
  • Landing and navigation competitions and exercises
  • Brush-up sessions for pilots and students alike
  • Flying events of general interest for the public

The forty odd aircraft based at Randers are either privately owned, either by individuals, ownership groups or by businesses that use their aircraft for commercial purposes.

Our club is managed by a 5-member executive committee, which is supported by various subcommittees and individuals, all on a voluntary basis. In addition to the established range of activities we aim to create further initiatives designed to:

  • improve of flying skills and knowledge
  • enhance the flying experience of our members
  • organize aviation related events for the local community
  • maintain and renew our facilities and services at our airfield

We expect such initiatives will benefit our members and increase the understanding, appreciation and support amongst our immediate neighbors and the community of East Jutland.

Many think of pilots and aircraft owners as a very exclusive group. This is far from the case! Recreational aviation is both achievable and affordable for most people. If you wish to learn more about our club, please don’t hesitate to contact us. All are welcome at Randers Flying Club!