Randers Flyveklub FLAG jan 20144Randers Flying Club is Denmark’s second largest association for recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts, located in East Jutland just 4.8 km north of the Randers city center. Our address is Højsletvej 21, 8930 Randers NØ.

How it all started

The first recorded flight at Randers took place in 1908, when the then 18-year-old Sofus Buchtrup flew a glider, which he had built together with his brother Paul. They flew out over the slopes at “Hobrovej” just north of the city.

The first example of controlled, powered flight at Randers happened in 1910, when Robert Svendsen gave a performance from the local military parade ground. He was in the air for 3½ minutes and achieved a maximum height of 30 meters. Earlier the same year Svendsen became the first person to fly across the Strait known as the “Øresund” between Denmark and Sweden.

The flight across the Øresund led to the release of a postcard with Robert Svendsen's historic flight as the motif.

The first flying club at Randers was started in 1935 with Poul Buchtrup, a local manufacturer as chairman. It still existed even in 1948, when the first three members Robert Nelleman, and brothers Peter and Erik Søby Jensen successfully completed their training and became licensed pilots.

The desire to create an airfield near Randers was already put forward before the war, but the first concrete proposal was presented to the Randers Town Council on 5th March, 1945, with a complete financial plan for the establishment of an airfield at Tebbestrup. It was treated as a possible employment measure in the period after the war, in which high unemployment was expected.

Denne plan blev ikke gennemført og første i 1964, da Erhvervsrådets daværende formand, direktør Børger Kejser, tog energisk fat på sagen, kom der skred i tingene. Ved et møde, direktør Poul Juncher (privatflyver siden 1952) indkaldte til, viste der sig store interesse for sagen, og det blev vedtaget at starte en flyveklub, som kunne føre arbejdet videre.

This plan was never implemented, and it was first in 1964 due to the vigorous efforts to address the matter by Director Børge Kejser, then chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, that progress began to be made. Later, at a meeting convened by Poul Juncher (private pilot, 1952) serious support for the project emerged and it was decided to start a flying club with the aim to drive the work to a successful conclusion.

Randers Flyveklub blev stiftet den 17. maj 1965 af 25 medlemmer. Den 18. april 1966 vedtog Randers Byråd at anlægge Randers Flyveplads på "Højslet". Randers Flyveplads blev godkendt af Luftfartsdirektoratet den 16. august 1967 og den 2. september samme år kunne flyvepladsen indvies officielt af Randers borgmester Svend Thingholm.

Randers Flying Club was founded on 17th May, 1965 with 25 immediate members. On 18th April, 1966 the Randers City Council adopted a plan to site Randers Airfield on an area of countryside known as "Højslet". Randers Airfield was approved by the Danish Aviation Authority on 16th August 1967 and on 2nd September the same year the airfield is officially opened by Svend Thingholm, Major of Randers.

Randers Flying Club

Højsletvej 21

DK-8930 Randers NØ 

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